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“We maintain enough stock to run smooth operations for our flying fleets.”

Capt. Pamit Yadav , Founder 

Mamba Aviation Pvt. Ltd. set off on its journey of manufacturing aero sports machine in April 2015. Our aim is to get collaborations with international companies under the following models:

-Build and operates

-Transfer of technology

Mamba aviation currently manufactures wooden propellers and ULA (ultralight aircraft) as per the international standards of manufacturing.

Mamba Aviation is now part Aero sports Sky venture India Pvt. Ltd. which is the largest company in Marketing and acquiring customers base from Asia.

Mamba Aviation is the dream project of Capt. Pamit Yadav. He has a very strong desire and determination to build a manufacturing company focused towards international quality aero sports machines. His vision is to contribute to the society by teaching and training others.

Our Vission

Be global leaders in manufacturing quality aero sports machine

Our Mission

  • Be the leader in training pilots
  • Provide best quality aero sports machinery
  •  Deliver highest safety standard
  • Develop cost effective manufacturing

Our Values

  • Perform with excellence
  • Machine is a machine only if it is safe
  • We are committed towards providing best quality of equipment
  • We care about our stakeholders