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Terms And Conditions

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These terms and conditions govern the provision of any Products by Inmarsat to Customer, unless Inmarsat has entered into a separate, written agreement with Customer for the provision of a Product, in which case such separate, written agreement shall supersede these terms and conditions in respect of the relevant Product(s).

  • Flying by paramotor or parachute/glider is safe some extend but nature is unpredictable so any time any accident may occur. In which any physical damage or death may also happen of participant. Participant will be solely responsible for himself for bed happenings/ accident during any flight.
  • In case of death or physical handicap tense of Participant or any member of paramotor team. Paramotor will not be responsible. Only and only Participant will be responsible. Not allowed loose clothes, wear the shoes proper during the flying/joyride.
  • Patient of heart and blood pressure are not allowed for joyride, they are own responsible.
  • All above conditions can be change by the company any time without any notification.
  • All rights are reserved by the company.
  • I Here By Understand All The Terms And Conditions Written Above In My Complelte Sense And Knowledge Also Have Been Told All The Risk Factor Associated With This Joyride.I Accept All The Above Terms And Conditions.I Will Be Only Responsible For Any Accident With Me During Flying.