Mamba Aviation

Privacy Policy

As we understand the need for mutual trust while collecting and retrieving all kinds of information related to the topic, we take this trust very seriously. Mamba Aviation  ensures the total privacy of its customer data and assure you of our highest priority in guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the data submitted. We will use the information we collect solely for the purpose of enhancing your advertisement to suit your interests. At no time shall we sell, trade, or rent the data/ information you have supplied to third parties. We reiterate our statement that we only use your data as specified here, ie for utility purposes and for our legitimate business reasons. We promise to abide by the privacy practices described in this Privacy Statement at the time you have furnished us with your information.

  1. The Company is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This privacy policy (“this Policy”) sets out how the Company uses, protects and processes any information that we collect from a Data Subject (“you”) and that you provide to us.
  2. The Company abides by the Protection of Personal Information.
  3. By providing us with your Personal Information, you –
    1. agree to this Policy and authorise us to process such information as set out herein; and
    2. authorise the Company, its service providers and business partners to process your Personal Information for the purposes stated in this Policy.
  4. We will not use your Personal Information for any other purpose than that set out in this Policy and will endeavour to protect your Personal Information that is in our possession from unauthorised alteration,
    loss, disclosure or access.
  5. Please note that we reserve the right to amend and update this Policy from time to time.
  6. This Policy applies to the Company’s employees and/or any other person, including without detracting from the generality thereof, any juristic or natural person, employees, prospective employees, employment
    candidates, service providers, Operators, customers and consumers, governmental, provincial and municipal agencies or entities, regulators, persons making enquires and/or third parties, including all
    associated, related and/or family members of such Data Subjects or any person who may be acting on behalf of/or in a representative
    capacity in respect of the Data Subject, and from whom the Company receives Personal Information.

Collection Of Personal Information

  1. We collect and process your Personal Information mainly to provide access to our service/s and to help us improve our offerings.
  2. The type of information we collect will depend on the purpose for which it is collected and used. We will only collect information that we need for that purpose.
  3. We collect information directly from you where you provide us with your personal details, for example when you apply for employment, solicit services from us or when you submit either your details or enquiries to us.
  4. Where possible, we will inform you what information you are required to provide to us and what information is optional.